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Louise Symington
Louise Symington MSc BSc RD

Hi, I’m Louise, a Registered Dietitian and  with expertise in food Sustainability.

I am based in Brighton and Hove, UK.

I advise individuals, groups, and business using the principles of evidence-based nutrition.

HCPC registered

What I offer...


Personalised advice on a wide range of dietary conditions.
One-to-one, flexible service.
Each consultation includes FREE 30 min follow-up


I run workshops on any aspect of nutrition to suit your needs. Recent workshops include:
Infant Nutrition, Weight loss, Healthy Eating.


Tailored solutions for organisations seeking evidence-based advice in the food sector.
My skills can be applied to a range of services and products.


I am available as a nutrition and sustainability spokesperson for media outlets.
My credentials and experience will add value to any project.

I've worked with...

I’ve worked with many organisations, companies and charities over my professional career. Below are just a few examples:


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