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The Sustainable Dietitian- a workplace specialist 

Then I can help!

I am trained by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) to run health programmes for workforces.

The BDA’s Work Ready programme is the only one endorsed by the UK government.

Good nutrition is crucial to both short term and long term health. All workforces need to be able to think clearly, perform well and be physically resilient.

The key part of my workplace wellness work is to ensure its sustainability. This means helping staff and corporate settings to make positive changes – in the long term.

I am able to assess the company’s needs, design and implement strategies, evaluate effectiveness, develop programmes and report back.

The evaluation process I offer is unique above other wellness interventions as I can prove the effectiveness of the interventions showing your return on investment.

This ultimately means you’re not paying for someone to ‘come and go’ with little awareness of its impact.

Services are bespoke to your companies needs but examples include practical workshops, 1.1 consultations, health stands and catering support. Themes include ‘eating for immunity’ and ‘food and mood’.

Comprehensive written reports can be produced and submitted as hard copies to your company or delivered in an oral presentation.

Do get in touch if you’d like to work with me.

I can offer a remote service

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