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CBD and food

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol.

CBD is a plant chemical or ‘active ingredient’ that comes from Hemp and Marijuana plants (which are different but both botanically related).

CBD is found in the stalks, leaves and flowers (but not seeds) of Hemp plants.  It is extracted and put into a ‘carrier’ oil which is then sold for commercial use. The products can then be diffused or added in various ways to other foods.

Will it get me high?

No, only the Marijuana plant has THC (the ingredient that gets you high). The CBD used in food products is only allowed to be sourced from Hemp plants (not Maijuana).

What’s the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?

CBD oil is very different from Hemp oil. Hemp oil is simply the oil extracted from the Hemp seed which does not contain CBD. In some ways it’s similar to the simple rapeseed or sunflower seed oil. CBD oil is an extraction of CBD which is added to a separate carrier oil.

What are its health benefits and are they proven?

In some clinical trials, CBD has been shown to promote the following health benefits:

  • inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses
  • pain and analgesic effects
  • mood regulation

However, the strength and quality of CBD in commercial foods is unlikely to match that of those used in clinical trials. Therefore it’s far too early to rely on health claims and hence prescribe these products at the moment. Many ‘CBD’ foods are high in fat and sugar so it can be hard to justify their use.

I was recently interviewed for Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped programme. The discussion was about CBD in foods and its effect on the human body. See below for a summary of what Kate Quilton and I discussed.

My interview on Food Unwrapped about CBD

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