Symprove Spotlight Series

I was honoured to be asked to take part in Symprove’s Spotlight Series and share my expertise on plant based eating and gut health. Symprove is one of the most widely researched and evidenced based probiotic supplements. Probiotics supplements populate the gut with  ‘good’ gut bacteria. And a healthy digestive tract is needed to support many processes such as immune function and cardiovascular health

This interview is on  ‘plant based eating’ and the microbiome. Plant foods are essentially ‘pre biotics’. They are rich in fibre and phytonutrients which ‘feed’ the good bacteria. But did you know the term ‘plant based eating’ actually describes a whole spectrum of eating habits and not just veganism? 

Read on for more detail on

  • The latest research/recommendations regarding plant-based eating and gut health
  • Which types of plant-foods that are particularly beneficial for gut health 
  • Whether vegans have healthier gut microbiomes and overall gut health compared with non-vegans?
  • Simple and practical suggestions to eat more plant-based foods
  • Which nutrients should to be aware of on a vegan/plant-based diet

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