Vegan Patients with Nutrition Support – A Dietitian’s Perspective

Interview with Aymes Nutrition

It was great to be interviewed by Aymes. This UK wide supplement company is leading the way with vegan oral nutrition supplements. In my interview I share my approach to achieving a sustainable diet, the challenges faced by malnourished vegan patients and my top tips for a plant based diet.

As someone who has been in the field of nutrition for decades,  it’s exciting to see the whole landscape of clinical nutrition and dietetics develop to meet consumer demand for such products. Commercial vegan supplement drinks have been on the market for sometime but these clinical products are carefully formulated with malnutrition in mind. When I practised as a clinical Dietitian (a few years ago now !! ) We only had access to supplements that used whey (milk proteins). The plant protein used in these products is soya. The fat is palm oil – I was pleased to find out it is RSPO certified sustainable palm oil . Developments like this reduce the worries and potential barriers for vegans experiencing malnutrition in hospitals or undernutrition at home. 

As a Clinical Dietitian I worked in the area of nutrition support and still use these skills in my individual consultations today. 

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