Grow and play pster

Grow and Play – Nature and food growing for children

I’m really fortunate to have a fantastic, practical role as a Project Lead for Grow and Play at community allotment called Plot 22 in Hove.

Grow and Play provides outdoor learning opportunities for young children and families living in high population areas of the city who may not have access to a garden. We teach the group about conservation, wildlife, nature, food-growing and cooking. The idea is that the group apply the skills they have learnt to their home environment and wider community.

Participants will prepare the harvested food and cook nutritious meals using healthy, inexpensive ingredients – these are important skills which the families can use at home. I believe that eating in a healthy and sustainable way should be something everyone understands and has access to.

My role as project lead began in 2016 and I have learnt lots including how to write funding applications for charities in the food and sustainability sector.

Plot 22 also runs many projects, events and workshops.


The Benefits of Ecotherapy

On a freezing 4 degrees winters day, I visited the Centre for Ecotherapy in Stanmer Park, Sussex, UK.

This was for a brilliant training course  called ‘Introduction to Social and Therapeutic Horticulture’.

I was really interested and saddened to hear about the demise of hospital gardens in the UK, and the increase in medication usage amongst patients.

Despite the cold and the fact the course was 6 hours outside, I was glad to be in nature!

sign for eco therapy centre
Sign on the gate

view through car tyre in the woods
Childs play area in woods

louise in the woods
louise in the woods