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I’m delighted to be working alongside my trusted friend and colleague Samia Gomez with her team at Clinic4Sport.

Their clinic offers sports injury rehabilitation and physical therapy following stem cell treatment.

Optimum nutrition is crucial for success in each of these areas.

I am able to offer a wide range of consultation packages, either face to face or online. 

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a consultation.

Food Matters live

One Blue Dot – Sustainability tool kit for Nutritionists

It was great to be at the BDA’s launch of One Blue Dot campaign at Food Matters Live 2018.

One Blue Dot helps dietitians and nutritionists communicate environmentally sustainable food choices to their clients.

This area of work is very close to my heart so it is great to see it being brought in to mainstream dietetics.

There are some great plant based recipes as well as low meat options for those who don’t want to give up meat completeIy.